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Our expert beauty therapists supply a number of treatments to improve the appearance of your eyes and the surrounding area including eyebrow shaping, permanent eyelashes, and tinting.


Divine provides a comprehensive range of eyebrow treatments and has the professionalism to deliver the look you desire. We will sculpt your brows to compliment your natural face shape, using waxing, henna tattooing or permanent makeup to provide the perfect results.


If you don’t like the shape of your eyelashes, we can curl them into a beautiful shape that lasts for around three months with an eyelash perm. The Divine eyelash perm appears completely natural but makes your eyes look bigger by curving your naturally straight eyelashes upward and outward. They will appear fuller and will give you that fluttering, graceful style you crave. The eyelash perm treatment is completely safe and will never damage your natural eyelash hair. Call or stop by Divine Brazilian Hair & Beauty in Queen’s Park, London.



Henna eyebrow enhancement can help improve the appearance of your natural eyebrows if you feel they are too thin, lack colour or if you wish to alter the shape. Henna eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent, meaning they last for approximately one month, and they are perfect if you are considering permanent makeup or simply if you want to experiment with your look. Henna eyebrows also allow you to save time in the mornings, by saving you from the task of applying eyebrow pencil. The Divine henna eyebrow treatment is expertly applied by experienced professionals who will take you through your options in terms of shape, shade and thickness and will listen to your opinion to help you make an informed decision on your henna eyebrow design.


Our eyebrow and eyelash tinting treatments are perfect if you want a temporary enhancement of your natural features for an event like a wedding or a holiday. Our experienced professionals use a specially-formulated tint that is specifically designed for use around the eyes and typically lasts for around two weeks. Eyelash tinting makes your eyelashes stand out by making them appear darker and fuller, while eyebrow tinting focuses mostly on the shape of the brow and can be sculpted in almost any colour you desire.

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